Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter
I feel so blessed to have faith.  Faith in a Creator who gives us free will.  Faith in a God who desires relationship and holds us accountable.  Faith in something I can not see but can feel in the depths of my heart.  Faith in a loving Father who has a perfect will for our lives.  Faith in Jesus who died and rose again.

Along with that faith comes doubt.  A natural instinct to question.  And I think that important and healthy.  It gives us the ability to truly choose to believe and create a deeper anchor in God.  We should use those moment to seek knowledge.  Research, speak to a mentor, or open the Word and build a journey to your truth.  The question is when does doubt become resistance?

Even with doubt and uncertainty, I choose my faith in God.



  1. Hi Shannon! I just found your blog through The Bookness and wanted to say hello. Your writing is inspiring, glad to have the chance to read your thoughts! Through faith I've been focusing more on freedom and fears. It is a blessing to have faith!